Whew! πŸŽƒ We've had such fun times around Bryan ISD lately. Check out photos from the Fall Fest at Navarro Elementary in Bryan ISD, Book Character Parade & Musical Program at Branch Elementary in Bryan ISD, Word Parade at Fannin Elementary in Bryan ISD, Trunk or Treat events at Crockett Elementary in Bryan ISD, Bryan High School & James Earl Rudder High School, FaBOOlous Family Night at Kemp-Carver Elementary in Bryan ISD, "Scream for STEAM" Family Night at Bowen Elementary in Bryan ISD, Pumpkin Investigations at Bonham Elementary in Bryan ISD. πŸ˜€ More Pics: facebook.com/BryanISD/posts/pfbid0MgVx9Ynwc3hDEe9TDSxwF1kXRRj8MAwx2u23Vvhw1bu8FB7HsrjjGVSyBmjSBJdHl
over 1 year ago, Bryan ISD
Girl smiling with green glasses
Mom smiling with boy in Captain America outfit
Woman in skeleton Halloween costume smiles with boy. They are both holding their hands up.
Three boys smiling while holding a pumpkin
The Crockett Rockets made signs and chanted their commitment to be drug free during their Red Ribbon Parade on Oct. 24. Thanks to Bryan Fire Department for leading the parade! #RedRibbonWeek #CrockettRockets πŸš€
over 1 year ago, Bryan ISD
Crockett Elementary first grade students holding a sign that reads "Don't Follow the Pac. Be Drug Free" with a Pac-Man theme.
Crockett Elementary students smiling while walking in the Red Ribbon Parade
Crockett Elementary students walking in the Red Ribbon Parade and holding signs that read "No Drug!!!! Be Drug Free!"
A young Crockett Elementary student chants about being drug free during the Red Ribbon Parade