Dress Code

Crockett Elementary Dress Code Policy 

  • Sleeves are required on garments

  • Pants/slacks must be appropriately sized, worn at the waist.

  • Acceptable shorts, dresses, skorts and skirts must reach the top of the knee or longer.

  • Garments revealing the shoulders/undergarments are prohibited.

  • Students are prohibited from wearing garments that are excessively tight.

  • Oversized, baggy clothing and those with holes or tears are prohibited.

  • Hair shall not be worn to cover facial features.

  • Leggings may not be worn as the primary garment.

  • Hoods/hats may not be worn inside the school building.

  • Costume contact lenses are prohibited.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office at 209-2960.